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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Hi from the Girls

A few words from Miss Chatty-Cathy, some waves and a kiss for Grandma A and Grandma R (she's excited to see you, she told me!), and a quick (dizzy) view of the downstairs.  XOXOXO


  1. what beautiful girls you have miss Jess!
    Sam's nickname is certainly appropriate- she loves to chat! and Lj has the best waves and kisses ever! is it hard to live among the boxes? praying you guys are weathering the upheaval and finding God's grace and strength. A little more craziness to go before re-settling, but you can do it! (Got coffee??:)

  2. Oh I definitely have coffee! And it's not that bad living in a box-filled house... but I am definitely looking forward to being at a hotel tomorrow night!

  3. Dear Lily and Sam,
    Okay it's official, I love you so much I can't stand it! Friday friday friday - - you are so close and yet so far away - - I can't wait to squeeze my girlses!
    gramma R.