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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Garlic Gone Bad

This is what happens when you buy a whole bunch of garlic but don't cook with it because you're trying to eat all the food in your fridge and freezer before you have to move and throw it away.  But then... you have to throw the garlic away.  Not just because you have no dishes (and no motivation!) to cook with... but also because rumor has it the garlic turns bitter once it sprouts.  I'm usually too cheap to worry about it and just cut off the green part and continue on with my cooking.  Anyways.  It may seem a little late for dinner but Jesse and I are thinking Chinese.  Mmm.  Yes, Chinese sounds wonderful. 


  1. Hope the Chinese dinner was good and btw you have done a great job if all that went 'bad' was a head of garlic!
    how are you sleeping these days? and will you be moving to the base today? (sun)

  2. We don't move to base till tomorrow. Two nights in the hotel... then graduation Wednesday am and heading to NY Wednesday pm. And the Chinese was delish! Oh, and there were many, many, more things that went bad in my kitchen this past month... but sprouting garlic is way prettier to photograph than moldy pizza sauce and such! ;o)