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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Last Saturday

Today was positively lovely!  Not gonna lie, it was probably the first day in about a week that Jesse and I haven't had a big fat fight! ;o)  Big fat fights are what happen when you're all stressed out and tired.  (But we always kissed and made up so don't worry.)

And as an aside, I'm not going to air out our dirty laundry or anything... but my favorite thing that we fought over while fighting was the fact that Jesse likes to blast music while feeling stressed and trying to get a project done and I like absolute silence while feeling stressed and getting a project done.  Yeah.  Those are the kind of things you fight over when you're PCSing ;o)  (Well okay, that wasn't actually something we were fighting over, it was just something small we were arguing about while being in bad moods and fighting about anything in general.)  But yeah, how's that for "opposites attract"? ;o)

Okay back to the main point of this blog post, which is not our fighting: it's how we spent our last relaxing day in Biloxi! :o)

After getting SJ back to bed in the morning (and before LJ and Jess were up) I hoofed it over to Starbucks for a venti latte.  It's only about a two minute drive down the road but the sun was soooo beautiful and the sky was crystal clear blue and I had the windows down... ah, I'm going to miss Biloxi's nice weather.  (Note: the nice weather is NOT what I experienced when I got here, aka SUMMER IN THE SOUTH.)  Then I got a call from Blessi, my cleaner, who wanted to start on the cleaning.  So she started the oven on self-clean and did two bathrooms and most of the windows.  (She's finishing on Monday night and Tuesday morning.)  The guy who bought our weight set came to take it away in the afternoon and then our friends came to help us move everything that we were donating to the Airman's Attic.  I went out for pizza and then they cleared all the crap out ;o)

Then all four Aiduks took deliciously long afternoon naps!

Lily was a grump this evening... I'm guessing it's a combo of actually becoming a toddler (dangit I was hoping my easy parenting streak would last forever!) and having a Momma who's been very distracted and busy the past week.  So I put her to bed a little early.  She deserved it ;o)  And now Jesse and I are relaxing and listening to music.  Well, I'm relaxing.  He's working on getting the main computer all set so it's ready to be packed up Monday morning.  (He got some new crap for it and I lack the know-how to tell you what the heck he's doing with it, so you'll have to ask him if you're a computer nerd and are curious!)  I think I might make him take a computer break soon and help me color my hair ;o)

See?  Grumpy-Girl!  Maybe she's a grouch cause I keep feeding her the same food over and over!  Don't worry, Lily.... we finished the yogurt and you're almost done with the peas.  The fridge is almost cleaned out and then you get to experience the *joy* of living in a hotel/in the car for a week... mmmm go-go yummy food that's bad for us!  YES!


She started to act a little silly when I got the camera out... I *think* this is her trying to grin for the camera... not sure, though! ;o)

Angel-Baby, as always.  Okay, not always.  But tonight she was!  And this picture is kind of creepy with those weird eyes and facial expression!  Hi Sam, I love you!  Are you ready to take a road trip and go to Germany?  Good, I'm glad!


  1. "momma, what happened to our 'world'- it's all different now..."
    "ok...I'll try, but it's hard to put on a smile when i can't figure out what's going on. here goes..."
    "well...if you say its okay then it will be okay, i trust you momma"

  2. My thoughts exactly...she's adjusting. Change is positively exasperating for a toddler! She'll adjust as soon as she sees how excited and happy mommy and daddy are!!