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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Let the Moving Process Begin

Moving day II, originally uploaded by Pati Montero.
Until now it hasn't really felt like we're moving. I mean, I *know* we're moving... the countdown is at two weeks from graduation.

But it hasn't really felt like we're moving because my house looks pretty much the same! It's a little disconcerting to know you're moving in less than two weeks, but not have a single box packed... or even know the exact date you're moving out!

Well folks, that was yesterday. But yesterday afternoon we FINALLY got our medical clearance stamped and Jesse FINALLY got his orders! So we know now that we have our initial housing inspection on Thursday and then (unless we change the dates) the movers will come next Thursday to pack and Friday to load. And our final inspection will be Monday!

So today, I'm starting the packing process.

I don't technically have to do any packing... THE MOVING SERVICE ROCKS BABY!... but I do need to start boxing up anything that we're getting rid of (mostly donating to the Airman's Attic) so that we can then sort our stuff into the two shipments for the movers.

So that's where we're at now. We went through our closet and got rid of some clothes, and I'm hoping to tackle the rest of the upstairs closets today or tomorrow.

And I need to do some basic cleaning before the inspection Thursday. Yeah, that's not nerve-racking... "Hi, I'm here to inspect how good of a housekeeper you are..." No worries, though. I hear they're not too tough on us.

And if I make sure to keep my TWO babies in sight they might be even *more* merciful, right? ;o)

Speaking of babies, shoot up a prayer for LJ... she woke up before seven this morning (unusual for her) screaming (VERY unusual for her) because of a reeeeally bad diaper rash (also unusual...). So she was a hot mess this morning and I'm doing all I can for her... but I know it hurts bad because she was going diaper-free for a bit and would scream every time she peed. Poor kid. That kind of "fix it Momma" cry really breaks my heart! Thankfully she seems to be napping well.

And yes, I let my kid pee on the floor.  Don't tell Jesse.  Or the housing inspector ;o)  Gotta air out that hiney! 


  1. Yay for moving! With your organizational skills, I think you will do great at getting everything done. And I feel for poor LJ...Katie had a yeast infection shortly after she was born and I let her hiney air out too...she peed in her playard multiple times. But, hey, pretty much everything is washable, right?

  2. Yes yes yes... everything IS washable! And I'd rather she heal quickly so I've been cleaning up poop and pee from the floor all day. But hopefully she's better soon! Oi, the things we do for these little suckers.

  3. just a different level of au naturale :)