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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

What a Diaper-Rashy Day

I'm so glad I went to bed early last night!  (Early as in before 9pm cause I was soooo tired!)  It's much easier for well rested mommies to laugh at things like this.  Side note: I showed her how to stomp on bubble wrap!  Which is apparently a very good thing... as it seemed to keep her mind off of the worst diaper rash she's ever had in her life! 

Apparently a warm bath, some nakie-time, liberal amounts of coconut oil on the rash, and a three hour nap are just what this girl needed to be back to her relatively happy (though still VERY rashy) self by the afternoon!

Not pictured:  Me.  Following behind her with a squirt bottle and rags this morning... as she seemed to be piddling like a puppy.  Mmmmm.

Also not pictured:  Poop.  The two tidy little piles of it that she deposited on the living room floor while I was doing dishes.  How did I discover the treats she left me?  WELL she brought a *delectable* handful to show me, of course!  It took me a second to realize what was going on... then back up to the bathtub we ran... as fast as we could! :o)  My only consolation in this is that I knew right when she went so I was able to get her all cleaned up before it irritated her poor hiney any more.  And the fact that it didn't stain the carpet!

Sam, don't tell your sister, but *you* are the favorite again today! ;o)

Is it the weekend, yet? :o)


  1. Poor Lily! I'm praying the rash heals quickly! Nice idea with the bubble wrap! :)

  2. Thanks! She seems to be doing better already... I'm curious to see how she holds up through the night.

  3. poor little one
    bubble wrap is a cool toy