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Monday, March 14, 2011

More Moving Company Thoughts

It's a good idea to have something portable to do so you can keep busy but stay out of the way.  Cause boy is it awkward feeling like you're in the way in your own house!  If I didn't have internet access I would definitely have been reading a book or something. 

It's weird... cause they don't *need* you around the whole time, but (as previously noted) you do need to be available for questions.  And to keep an eye that they don't take what they shouldn't or leave what you want taken! 

Also, they leave a ton of crap around.  Like half-used rolls of packing tape.  Apparently it's too much of a bother to go around and pick it up before they leave!  That's okay, though... I had a ton of energy (ha. ha.) so I gathered all their garbage and saved out the packing tape for Adam and Bethanne.  (They're moving to North Dakota in a few months and are probably going to do a DIY move.) 

Bye-bye stuff!  See you in a few months!  Have a safe trip to Germany pleeeeeease!

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  1. wow - that's all I can say!