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Monday, March 14, 2011

Sheer Brilliance

The movers did quite a few smart things (taking the shelves out of our tall bookshelf and packing our lampshades inside… basically shrink-wrapping our furniture… stuff like that) but turning my stairs into a slide is by far my favorite act of brilliance.  Using some tape and long pieces of cardboard, they were able to slide all the boxes and small stuff right down the stairs!  (I know it’s their *job* to be smart like this, but I was still pretty amazed!) 

Some random musings from today thus far:

-NEVER EVER EVER try to keep your toddler around when you move.  It’s such a dumb idea! ;o)  Thankfully, Bethanne had already offered to take Lily off my hands for the day, and by the time she got here at 10am I was ready to kiss her!  

-Double check what the movers are doing.  They told me they had “everything all packed”… then I noticed that they hadn’t touched the master bathroom.  And I kept finding little random pockets of stuff (small things that wouldn’t really matter if they forgot, but still!) that they were leaving behind.  (Which we would have had to throw away or give away cause we are so out of space in our car!) 

-My walk in closet looks soooo much bigger when it’s empty ;o)  

-It’s really funny to watch grown men get this confused look on their face when some toy in the box they’re carrying shifts and starts singing or talking to them.  

-I caught myself carefully eating my salmon sandwich over the sink to avoid getting crumbs on the floor… cause we all know how important it is to keep your sandwich crumbs off of a floor that has ten tons of crap all over it from the movers.  I don’t know where my brain is!  Maybe it’s in a box somewhere…

-The manager and I were chatting and he said that 85% of their business comes from either Keesler or the Navy base in Gulfport.  

-While Sam is napping (and since LJ is with Bethanne) I have finally been able to read the eBook I bought a while back… Simple Food for Winter: 30 grain-free recipes to get you through the dark days.  A little late for this winter ;o) but I’m ready with some good ideas and recipes for next year baby!

When the movers get back from their lunch break they said it shouldn't take them long to load the rest of the house up.  Then we'll do a walk through to make sure they got everything ;o) and I'll sign a bunch of papers saying I trust them with all my earthly possessions and that I saw them do a good job and all.  

And they really have done a good job and I really do trust them :o) 


  1. Can't wait to hear more about this ebook...IN PERSON!!!! OVER REAL COFFEE!!!! And A REAL TREAT THAT I MAKE JUST FOR OUR VISIT!!!!