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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Quickie PCS Update

A few things...

1.  The mover came today to do an inventory of our crap.  So I confirmed a few things with him and GOOD NEWS!  We gained an extra day to sort/organize, cause they aren't coming to pack till Friday.  This is great, cause it means we can stay in our house over the weekend and still use some of our stuff (microwave, dishes, towels, pillows, bedding, etc).  Then they'll take it all away on Monday.  Then we're camping in the hotel on base... two rooms and a full kitchen, so don't feel bad for us!

2.  It's official.  Jesse loves me.  A lot.  Cause we're paying a cleaner.  HALLELUJAH!  She'll come and clean and we don't even have to pay her until *after* we pass the inspection! :o) 


  1. Go, Jesse! I fantasize about a cleaner coming and doing the bathroom and oven. Someday.... someday. :)

  2. Yay!!! What will you do with all this new free time? I'll tell you! Call me!!! I have something to tell you!!!

  3. ...and don't think new babies or anything. Its just some intriguing info.