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Tuesday, March 8, 2011


This girl has hit an annoying stage...

I call it "flipping the bacon".

See, she likes to sleep on her tummy.

But she's learned to flip herself over onto her back.

Unfortunately, this makes her one angry little baby, as she can't get back to her tummy yet.  So Momma is constantly coming to the rescue during naps to "flip the bacon" and make it all better! ;o)  

Silly Doll-Baby.  "Hey, Momma... this is a cool blankie on your leg!"

Actually, she's not looking at the blankie.  She's looking at the shenanigans her sis is up to ;o)  LJ is the original "Bacon-Baby" in this family... I remember celebrating the day she could "flip her own bacon"! 


  1. this reminds me of when Katie was little and she would lose her paci while she was sleeping and then cry and cry until one of us went in and put it back in her mouth! I "celebrated" the day she found her thumb :P

  2. Josh was the worst one when it came to "that" stage. I remember, one night, I fell asleep leaning over the bassinet, with my hand on his back, to keep him from rolling over. Those were some looooong nights.

  3. Cripes. I did it again! The above comment was me, Nicole. ;)

  4. It's okay Sammy Whammy! Gramma loves you and this too shall pass - - besides, next weekend, you'll be sleeping in your car seat twice - - no flipping in the car seat!

  5. Prob a game only grammas don't mind :) flipping Lil was great fun!

  6. Yeah the only time it really annoys me is when it's smack in the middle of a nap, or when I'm trying to nap! :o)