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Monday, March 7, 2011

Sorting Break

Today's main task is sorting to donate.  I need to make sure we have everything we don't want to keep in piles to go to the Airman's Attic tomorrow night.  Then tomorrow's task will be sorting the stuff we are keeping into three "piles": to go with us to NY/MA, hold baggage, and the rest! :o) 

I took a break to show you the craziness. 

Hi cutie.  Yes, I see you found the pile of winter stuff.  And my hat.  

I really can't believe how much stuff we are getting rid of!  I mean, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't I *just* sort through and get rid of stuff less than a year ago?  I'm hoping it has more to do with us becoming more minimalistic (yay!) and less pack-ratty (yay!) and less to do with the fact that we're clutter-magnets! (boo!)  

The Man got himself a tool chest to fit all his crap in one neat and tidy spot... I'm so proud of him! 

And here are my "just because" flowers that he got me while we were getting some groceries yesterday.  What a guy! :o)  


Don't worry, folks.  I'm gonna make it.  REALLY :o)  My head is spinning and we have a lot to do in the next three days and I'm probably going to forget a few important things, but that's OKAY!  

Cause I get to see my family soon.

And I get to move to GERMANY.

So I shall not complain! 


  1. How do you eat an elephant? One bit at a time!

    You can do it - - I love you!!!!!!

  2. Did the Lil put the hat on by herself? :0
    and what a sense of satisfaction when the last bite of elephant is gone!
    just think, this time next week it will be all done!

  3. No she brought it to me and I put it on for her. But she was smart to realize it was a hat, I guess! Cause I don't think she's ever seen me wear that hat... definitely have NOT needed it this winter!

  4. LOL I love your crazy face!! Thanks for the laugh ;) Hope it's almost done by now and you can relax soon!