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Sunday, March 20, 2011

What I'm Doing Right Now, and a Warning

Mom, Steph, Bethany, and I just finished playing Euchre.  We love Euchre :o)  

I just finished eating my leftover pizza from Atlas.  What is it about cold pizza that tastes even better than fresh?  

And now it appears that my sisters and I are the only ones left awake and we're just enjoying the fire, each other's company, and bubble gum pink nail polish.  I love the wood stove... and I also love that there are still twinkly lights on the trees on Market Street! :o)  It makes up for the dreary outside appearance that is a bit of a shock to one who just spent a winter in the south.  

Also, I feel I need to warn you, my friends.  I shall not be blogging as regularly this next month as usual.  Well, maybe I will, but I'm not making any promises! ;o)  I typically like to give some love to this blog every day... and while I don't *want* to leave you hangin', I am definitely making family a priority this vacation.  

So if that means only a blog post every *couple* days... so be it!


  1. So... yes, I am just now reading all these back-posts, and I've been trying to resist the urge to comment on each and every one so far, but I just have to stop and say A) I'm so proud of you guys, still!! You put so much work and sacrifice into getting here, and took all the hiccups along the way with grace. B) It was so, so nice to see you again, even if briefly, and I trust the rest of your family visits were wonderful. C) I'm glad to read that I can expect less frequent posts from NY and Mass as I continue my catch-up reading, lol - I'm determined to get up-to-speed before PJ gets home tonight, so I can "follow" you to Germany! Praying for your travel and settling in. Love ya, Bosom Friend. :)

  2. You make me laugh! Did you catch up? ;o) I *do* post a lot... feel free to skim over stuff as needed! XOXO!