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Friday, April 29, 2011

Apartment Update

Keys, originally uploaded by Richard-G.
Jesse is going back to the apartment after FTAC today to meet up with Dianna and her husband and do a walk through. Housing makes you and the landlord go through the house and write down any damages before you move in... then you both have to sign it. Pretty smart if you ask me! Then there's no worries when you get ready to move out... "did we do that or was that there?"

German landlords are notorious for being really picky at the end... it's considered amazing if you get your whole security deposit back!

Interestingly, though, we seem to have scored Germany's coolest landlords! Because they aren't even requiring a security deposit at all! Some of the apartments we were looking at required TWO MONTHS RENT as the deposit! Ouch! But not here! (YAY!)

Since the other tenants have moved out at this point and Dianna and Harold are heading back home today, Jesse may come home with the keys!

But this doesn't mean we're moving in just yet! :o) FMO can't bring us any furniture until Tuesday the 3rd. Which is fine. Then we might have our hold baggage dropped off on Thursday or Friday.

HOW EXCITING!!! :o) :o) :o)

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  1. SSSOOOOOO exciting! It's always such a thrill to see how God has worked things out...and this is one of those times...
    loving you much, mil