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Friday, April 29, 2011

April Showers Bring April Flowers

It was overcast and rainy for a day and a half (*gasp* you mean the weather isn't always *perfect*?  Rats!) and it was a bit of a bummer cause we didn't get to go outside... and you know how fun being trapped in a hotel with a toddler and baby is! 

But then - POOF! - the trees outside our window turned pink! 

It's a helpful reminder to me that today might be overcast and dreary, but tomorrow might be pretty in pink!  God knows what he's doing here!

Today you might be stuck in a hotel room without a car (or a license!) or a phone or friends or family or a stove or a washer/dryer... you might have a cranky toddler on your hands... and it might feel like it'll be five million years before your hero gets home from work...

...but tomorrow (well, Tuesday, to be precise!) you will get to move into your new apartment in a fun German city!  And *eventually* you will have all your life back in order and you'll be able to cook yummy (healthy!!!) meals for your family again... and you'll be able to explore your new neighborhood and take your German driver's test and then drive to meet up with friends!  You will get to settle into a new normal and everything will seem so much more...

... pink :o)


  1. Pink is...

    Just a little bit longer ;)

  2. You'll be Pinkalicious in no time. This was a really nice post Jess.

  3. Reading this, the song from the movie Annie came to my mind. Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow! :) Beautiful pictures! -Maryah

  4. That's funny, Maryah . . . the same thing happened to me too!

    Then I thought of the funny story that yesterday when I walked into school, one of the other teachers opened the door for me and told me, "I checked the weather forecast and actually the sun will NOT come out tomorrow, we have to wait until Saturday!" At first I didn't get the joke, but then I realized that his daughter is 'Annie' in our production of 'Annie Jr.' - - so he made a funny joke!

    Thanks, Jess for the reminder that things could be worse and God is GOOD!!!!

  5. That was beautifully written!! I had an emotional response...not sure what the response was, but your post tugged "on my heart strings". - Cassie

  6. Haha, I guess its just one of those things that happens to 'musical geniuses' Mrs. Rawleigh. We see songs in every word. :) Hm. Strange that it happened to me then. :o) -Maryah