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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun at the Launderette, Part 1

Launderette = Laundromat :o)  

There's one on the base.  It took us 8 million years to find, as things typically do when you're learning your way around a base that's about the size of your hometown :o)  But it was great once we found it (relatively clean, not too crowded, got the job done, etc.) and holy cow!  I didn't know a laundromat could be such an entertaining place for a little girl!  She stared at the front loaders and giggled and ran all over the place!  Jesse helped by showing her all sorts of shenanigans to get into!  Of course. 

While we waited for our clothes to be done she rode in her cart...

...and worked out :o) 

And she never got grumpy... even though it was terribly hot in there (no open windows) and we didn't get done till halfway through her usual pm nap.  Good girl.  As usual!

And now we have clean clothes again.  YAY!   


  1. who knew the launderette could be such fun!
    dad was impressed Jesse was with-
    love you

  2. Are you kidding? I haven't even been brave enough to try groceries alone with both girls, let alone the laundromat! Plus, I still don't have my German license... so no going anywhere alone till I do! ;o)

  3. mmmm...maybe skip the German license and have the help of hubs for all the errands?!

  4. Well maybe... as much as I love having his help for all the errands, it would be nice to get out of the house alone sometime! :o) You know how grocery shopping can seem like a treat when he's at home with both of them?