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Monday, April 25, 2011

Fun at the Launderette, Part 2

Please ignore the huge barf stain on her strap... I will clean it, I promise ;o)  It's hard to keep up with this kid's puke.  But moving on!  It was so hot in the laundromat, and I have apparently lost the ability to know how to dress my children properly for the weather.  So the poor kid was in a long sleeved romper.  I'm going to blame it on seasonal-confusion (Mississippi to NY to MA to Germany is apparently a bit hard on my mommy-sense!) but she got all hot, so I had to strip her down!  And then she happily napped in her seat.  Yay!


I can't decide which of these shots I like the best...

Piggy-toes!  I just want to smooch em!  Except when they're stinky! ;o)


  1. gotta love those thunder thighs!

  2. whats a little barf among baby and mom, oh, and dad and clothes and bedding and friends and well, apparently car seats!
    that ever flowing white goop will stop eventually. just imagine the size of Sammalamma if ALL those calories stayed inside her tummy!!!
    you can do it Jess- pretty soon you'll be looking back thinking/saying, 'remember when we had to practically duct tape a bath towel to her because...' (that never happened - just creative liberty! ;)

  3. Oooooh you laugh... I've *totally* mentioned duct tape before. And I was only *half* joking about it! (I think it was on an exceptionally pukey day :o) but yes, I know it will pass!)