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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fun in Wareham

As expected, we are having a grand old time here with Gramma and Grandpa A.  Lily loved meeting the chickens...

...and is, of course, obsessed with the "szheesh", aka kitties.  Mom, we're pretty sure she's calling the kitties "treats" ;o)

We are loving exploring all the new toys here.  Lily calls this one "bsssssh" (cause of the blowing noise, I presume?)

Sam is one happy girl, as usual! 

Jesse colored my hair again this morning.  Bye-bye roots ;o) 

*Someone* is getting awfully big around here!

Daddies always teach little girls such fun tricks... like walking on ceilings and such!

Dolly's new favorite place to sit ;o) 

Having a boring day without G&G A... counting down till they get home from work! :o) 


  1. thanks for finally posting . . . Sammy looks too big for words in that sitting-up seat! I miss you all so so much!

  2. Miss you, too. And I know! It's like she's growing every single second or something... oh... wait... ;o)

  3. you should go buy the kid (or the cats?) some kitty treats - - G&G A would really enjoy that sharing (and talking) she does!