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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Corning from The Makeout Spot ;o)

My Love "kidnapped" me and took me to a cool overlook earlier last week.  We got to freeze to death for a little bit and enjoy the pretty scenery... then he got me a Soul Full Cup latte. 

Bye-bye again Corning.  Bye-bye again to my family... sniff sniff.  I love you guys! 

We're safe and sound in Mass.  It's SO GOOD to be back home on the Cape as a family again.  The last time Jesse was here was a year ago!  Gramma and Grandpa Aiduk have LJ well stocked with some fun fun toys (pictures to come) and she's keeping them entertained with goofy goofy grins (pictures to come)! 


  1. Wow. Sammy looks SO much like her Daddy! I didn't notice just how much until I looked at that last photo. :) And it is such a cute photo of you two. xoxo