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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Greetings from Baltimore

We made it!  Safe and sound at Comfort Suites near the Baltimore Airport.  I'm pretty impressed, actually... for just about $150 we got a decent sized room (big enough for all our stuff and two pack 'n plays) plus early check in (got here at 10am) and a reeeeeally late check out (we don't have to leave until we need to head to the airport around 6pm tomorrow night)! 

It's quite a relief to know we don't have to camp out at the airport all day tomorrow... check out here is usually 12pm.  That would have been a bummer! 

They also have a free, on-demand 24-hour shuttle.  I thought it would only take us to the airport and back, but apparently you can use it to get anywhere within a two mile radius of the hotel!  So we have access to a bunch of restaurants plus the bus/train station if we decide we want to go into Baltimore at all tomorrow!  I'm toying with the idea of the Children's Museum.  We'll see...

Jesse is on his way to run all the rest of our errands.  He'll be the real superhero around here if he can manage to a) pass the test on so little sleep and b) make it to the vehicle processing center before it closes. 

Good luck to him.  In the meantime, it sounds like Sam (who I crammed in the bathroom!) is FINALLY settling down for a nap... Lily is chilling as well, so I should probably capitalize on this opportunity to score a nap of my own. 

But not before a quick funny story: as previously mentioned, we've been strapping the stroller down to the top of the car.  Jesse and Mark were doing that last night before we went to bed so they wouldn't have to do it in the morning... especially since it was going to rain.  So they covered it really well with the tarp and went to bed.  In the morning, we discovered that the water was seeping right down the ropes into the car!  Right onto Lily's car seat!  But it was too late to really fix it and nothing we could do to stop the rain... so we just hung a plastic shopping bag to catch the water and off we went!  So I kept looking back and checking... I ended up dumping about a tennis ball sized amount of water out when we stopped halfway!  Thankfully, the girl never complains.  And it stopped raining! :o) 

The end. 



  1. Hope you enjoyed your nap - and I'm SO glad you got the late check-out tomorrow! I was worried about you spending all day at the airport - not fun with 2 little girlies!

  2. Yeah. We're thinking of heading out of here and grabbing some dinner on our way to the airport around 6pm. They recommend being there three hours early. Maybe I'll give you a shout if the girls are being good? LOVE YOU!

  3. LOL to the rain story... You are amazing. I would have had like a bajillion nervous breakdowns by now. Praying you get to enjoy some German relaxation (ha) very soon!

  4. Well. I *did* forget to tell the story of when Jesse thought it would be funny to pretend that he couldn't find one of the girls' passports in my bag... meaning one was missing... possibly in Mass still! He realized this *wasn't* funny, however, when I burst into tears after he revealed he was joking. Ha, Jesse... very funny... ha. ha. ha ;o)