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Thursday, April 14, 2011

He Did It!

Jesse scored a 91 on the German driver's test!  That's my man! 

And he also had time to get to the vehicle processing center before it closed so our car is on it's way to Germany now.  (Or it will be shortly)  They say to expect it in 30-45 days.  We've been thinking of picking up a used vehicle over there anyways, so we may do it in the first week or so to avoid renting a car for a month. 

We had a lovely dinner at Ruby Tuesday's last night.  And the girls slept really well (and long) so we all got good rest!  Still trying to decide what to do this afternoon... we definitely want to get out of the hotel :o) 

Flight leaves at 9pm tonight. 

I can't believe we'll be in another country, halfway around the world tomorrow! 

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