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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hallo from Deutschland

Would you believe I didn't take ANY pictures the past two days?  Shocking, I know :o)  So sorry to the grandmas among you!

Yesterday:  The girls and I have a routine now... after Sam eats we do diaper changes, get our clothes changed, and otherwise get ready for the day.  Then when SJ goes down for her first nap, LJ and I head down for breakfast.  (I wouldn't do this if we weren't on the first floor, but I feel okay leaving her since we're pretty close.  Maybe I'm rationalizing ;o)  And maybe I just want brie for breakfast!)  After lunch we try to get out for a walk.  Yesterday we found a playground that wasn't really age-appropriate for LJ... but I was proud of myself for finding it (the directions I got were a little unclear)!  We also walked down into the shopping center of Ramstein.  Very pretty.  When Jesse got home we went to look at three apartments aaaaand...  


The thing is that the landlords don't *have* to take the first offer they get.  Makes sense... we'd do the same.  So we've been in contact with our hopefully-soon-to-be-landlady today and she showed the place a few more times and then called us to tell us she hasn't rented it yet.  I guess she's going to think through her options :o)  And call us back on Monday night to let us know. 

I really want it... it has a balcony, open living room/dining room, and is in a cute neighborhood.  It's within walking distance to the main part of town (so we can shop and go to restaurants easy).  Pray that we get it!  And if not, that I don't have a meltdown.  There are other fish in the sea, after all :o)  The tricky thing is that now we're in a hold because we can't really look at other stuff or put in any other offers till we know what Dorthea and her husband decide.  PATIENCE JESSICA, PATIENCE! 

Here are some giggles from Silly-Lily.  She was being so good while we waited to go check out a place (we were a little early, even by German standards!). 

I love it when she laughs!


  1. Wow! I'll be praying that you get that apartment...and also for the meltdown part :)
    Lily is just soooo cute! Thanks for the giggles! Also, just so ya know- I think that your decision on leaving Sammy in the room while you eat brie is fine by me...I mean...we're talking about BRIE here! :D -Maryah

  2. loving the Lily giggles! and I noticed you turned her around so she's front-facing - - big girl!

    looking forward to the skype date tomorrow (very much) but I guess by the time you are awake to read this, it will be *today* that we have a skype date!!!

  3. . . . and I'm re-considering the thought of coming to Germany for spring break next year - - your weather looks wonderful (we had snow flurries today - ugh)!

    . . . and apparently Sam wasn't quite as giggly as Lil toward the end of that video! lol

  4. LOL Maryah!

    Mom: She's only turned around because the rental car is too small for her to be properly reclined rear-facing. I'll probably turn her back when we get the Saturn... it's safer that way (and we're noticing she's more whiny when she can see us!) And no, Sam wasn't loving sitting still in the car. She always wakes up as soon as the car stops! Spring Break would be a blast! DO IT! :o)