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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dinner Downtown

Here's where we had dinner!  We walked there... about 15 minutes.  It was a beautiful, warm evening.  You seat yourself usually, so we picked outside.  They have a menu in English and the staff all spoke English, too.  But we asked them about some German words and we used what we knew!   The old men all flirt with LJ... and are way more friendly and forward than I would have expected!  One guy came right up and pinched her cheek! :o) 

Sam fell asleep (thank goodness!) so it was a pretty peaceful meal!  We had nachos for an appetizer and pasta for dinner (how German of us, right?) but it was really good.

Hey Brother, do you think this is Martin Luther? ;o)  We tried another local "weissbier" or wheat beer.  

Raise your hand if you think euros are pretty! ;o)  Jesse had to go to the ATM for cash because most places don't do credit/debit cards.  They also include the server's wage in the price of your meal, so tip is usually just rounding up to the nearest euro.  Or maybe an extra euro for really good service.  They also make the change right at the table, and I learned from re-reading part of the book Cassie got us that we were wrong to leave our "tip" on the table, like in the States.  It's considered bad form here.  Oops.  We'll do better next time! :o)

Raise your hand if you think this church is pretty!  It was right down the street from the cafe.  Did I mention our missionary friend recommended trying to go to a local German church?  She had a good point... not only would it be a free German lesson every week, but it would be a great opportunity to have fellowship with the local believers.  Yet another way to experience the culture.  We'll see :o)  I may need to get a few more important phrases under my belt before I feel adventurous enough for that... things like "hi my name is" and "where's the bathroom" and "do you have a nursery" ;o) 


  1. sounds like a fun evening - - and deliciouso!

  2. Very cool!! The restaurant looks awesome. It is so cool hearing about all of the fun tips and tricks.

  3. Ironic that the lesson you learned from the book we got you was on tipping! HA!

  4. Wow. So incredibly JEALOUS!!! :)

  5. Cass! I've definitely learned more than that... just don't want to quote the book every time I blog ;o)

  6. So exciting that you guys are in Germany! Looks like you're having a great time.

    I don't think I've ever had a wheat beer before, but I do know for a fact that Martin Luther was a big beer fan, so who knows?