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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Here's the (Most Recent) Deal with the Move

I got an email yesterday morning from our shipping company saying that "our shipment" had arrived from Biloxi.  I was a bit confused... I didn't think it could *possibly* be all of our HHG (household goods... the main shipment of everything we own in the whole wide world!) already!  I mean, most people say not to expect it before two months, or even three!

But sure enough, they confirmed that it was our HHG!  In just over 6 weeks it was here already!  They wanted to arrange for a delivery on Monday!  SO I frantically got a hold of Jesse at FTAC (thankfully it was his lunch break and he was able to make some phone calls) and he made all the arrangements.

Let me just explain just how great this really is!  We weren't even going to move into the apartment until Tuesday... cause that was the earliest that they could get us our loaner furniture.  So we'd be sleeping on borrowed twin beds and have an old couch and kitchen table.  Then when our HHG got there, we would have had to arrange for them to take the loaner furniture away. 

So with our HHG being here already, we were able to cancel the loaner furniture drop and we'll just get to have our very own stuff brought right to our apartment right away! 

The *only* downside to this (and you could hardly call it that) is that I don't get the chance to see if I packed right.  I spent all that time splitting our shipment (hold baggage and HHG) and now they're just going to drop it all off at once!  (Cause our hold baggage got here while we were in Mass and they've just been waiting for us to give the word to drop it off.)  Oh well... could be worse! ;o) 

So there you have it folks... this is working out perfectly.  Coincidence?  I think NOT!


  1. Woohoo! :) I for one don't like sleeping on rented furniture that has been who knows where- even though they might apply a lot of febreeze or something :/....although, besides hotels, I haven't slept on rented furniture...so I guess it's a biased opinion. Oh well! =) -Maryah

  2. Yay!!!! That is so awesome. Lord, thank you for blessing them in this way! I'm so excited that you'll get to make a home for your family... SOON!!! :)

  3. Very EXCITING!!! Does Jesse get to take the day off on Monday, or will they expect you to be super-duper amazing woman with 2 babies??? And will 'movers' be there to unload it all, or will you have to find friends really quickly?

  4. too cool! will be a challenge but to unpack once rather than twice might be good. WISH we could be there to help!
    it'll be like Christmas unwrapping everything...
    love you all