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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Sticker Monster

Lily would like all the Grandmas out there to know that she really likes stickers lately.  When the whiney-hiney gets exceptionally cranky, these suckers save the day!  They give us at *least* a ten minute break from the whimpering ;o)

Just thought I'd share... ya know... in case *anyone* wants to send us a lifetime supply in a care package or something! ;o) 


  1. Cute. I think you were too subtle though! Linda... Toni... Lily needs stickers! ;) I loved when Natalie would "share" with Tasha. Of course, sharing meant plastering her sisters entire body in stickers. But, eh, like you've discovered, it's a great distraction from the whining! :)

    And speaking of packages...were you given an estimated time on how long a package takes to get to you?

  2. don't worry Nicole . . . I got that message loud and clear . . . although I don't think I'm sending *another* package right away until they get to their APO and find out if the first one I sent (before Easter) has arrived!