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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Home Sweet Home... Almost

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We got it! "Apartment #2" is unofficially ours. I have to say unofficially, I guess, because the base's housing office has to "approve" of all contracts.

But our landlady Dianna signed it on her end and told us it was ours. As far as I understand, by German renter's law, a spoken agreement between a landlord and tenant is just as binding as a written one. But because the military likes everything in writing, we have to wait till the end of the week to know "for sure".

But it's basically ours!

In Dianna's words, "Well, I like you, so why bother showing it to more people?" :o) She went on to tell us all the fixing up they'll be doing this week to get it ready for us! Fresh paint and new dishwasher and all sorts of sprucing up outside.

I am one. happy. girl!

This apartment is perfect, guys! Seriously... I can't wait to give y'all a virtual tour! It's in a quiet neighborhood in the city of Otterberg. It's actually up on the hill a bit, so we can look right out our windows (and off our BALCONY!) to the city! The house has so much character and so much space (which we're fortunate to have found, as most German houses have little to no built in storage). There's a fireplace and a yard and lots of big bright windows...

And I could go on and on already and I've only seen it once! :o) I'll *obviously* fill you in more once we inhabit the lovely premises.

Oh, and did I mention it's the perfect distance to all the important bases? Less than 10 minutes to Sembach, less than 15 to Vogelweh, and less than 25 to Ramstein!

The current tenants are in the process of moving out and the apartment will be empty by the first. But we aren't sure if we'll move in exactly then (it's long and complicated to explain...) but we will definitely be in by next weekend!

Thanks to all for your thoughts and prayers! We're about a week away from putting this hotel behind us! :o)


  1. woohoohoohoohoo! woohoohoohoohoo! (sorry- all that's playing in my head is the refrain from the six flags commercial!)
    sooo glad to hear the good news- and for you, well, just knowing might make it easier to live in the hotel for a few more days!
    looking forward to a tour- wish we could be there to help you get moved in...
    squeeze those wee ones and kiss 'em extra today.
    'touch, Lily' for me? love you all much.

  2. That is FABULOUS news . . . I chuckled when my word to type on my last comment was 'ovenese' I wonder if that's some other language for oven (which is very much needed right now!)

    squeeze them from this gramma, too! LOVE YOU!!!

  3. YAYAYAY!! I'm so glad you got your first choice! It sounds perfect. Mmm, a balcony? Do you have the whole house, or second floor? And - is it a real fireplace?? Look at me, I'm getting jealous - gotta remind myself - living in. a hotel. LOL ;) You've earned it, lady!!

  4. This is fantastic!!!! I'm sooooo super happy for you guys! Can't wait till next week!

  5. Moms, consider your grandgirls hugged and squeezed and poked ;o) I told them during bathtime that their grammas miss them!

    Em, yeah it's a real fireplace. (But can you say safety hazard!) And it's the second and third story of a house. The landlady's mother lives in the first floor.