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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Making Jewelry Out of SJ's Favorite Toy

LJ rockin' the bangle look.  She's so trendy.  Also, why does she always want this toy?  Even though we have a whole box full of other toys?  Because... THIS is the toy that SAM likes to play with :o)  Enter the sisterly love, I mean fighting, already!

LJ also rockin' the topless look.  Not so trendy.  BUT there's a reason:  lunch + white shirt = waiting for Sissy to wake up so we can access more clean clothes! ;o) 


  1. but in your stuff (somewhere) don't you have about a MILLION of those? I guess by the time you see them again, the novelty will have worn off! gotta love sibling rivalry!

  2. Hey, it's Europe! I hear topless is okay over there! ;)

  3. Mom: exactly... I have more just not with us. They may even be in hold baggage, which is just waiting for us to have a house to be delivered!

    CASS!!! LOL and oy veh! ;o)