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Friday, April 22, 2011

House-Hunting Mayhem

We are so confused!  We thought if you offered to take a place, the landlords usually said yes... so we were thrown a bit when the landlady from apartment #1 said she'd call us Monday with her decision.  And THEN we found a place today that looked REALLY amazing... so we went to see it... and it WAS really amazing! 

The current tenant showed it to us and she told us we were only the fourth people to look at it and only the second to seem interested, so to call the landlords asap (they live about an hour away).  This place is way bigger than the other one and is also in a better location for Jesse's commute.  It's in a bigger city, too.  It has a great kitchen and tons of storage space (unusual for a German house) so we'd really like it! 

So we just decided we'd offer and if they accepted we could call apt #1 and say sorry, we're no longer interested...

But what does apt #2 say?  "Sure, sure... can we meet?  We have lots of people looking at it this weekend, so how about we meet Tuesday?"  Uhhhh... sure. 

More waiting :o) 

Now the tricky part is what to do if apt #1 says she wants to give us the place on Monday?  Right now we're leaning toward asking her to give us 24 hours to think about it.  She may say no, but we're willing to take the risk... cause apt #2 suits us much better.   (And apt #3, that we've always been interested, isn't even available to be seen till Thursday... which could confuse us even MORE!) 

*Sigh*  So stay tuned... more on this next week! 

In other (good) news, we got our "gas card" today.  It entitles us to getting gas for American prices (roughly).  Currently, the gas prices around here are almost (or over) twice what y'all are paying!  So we basically have a voucher saying we can get it for less.  Two more points for the AF being AWESOME! :o) 


  1. Okay...now i'm confused also-how should I pray for your situation??? That you DON'T get apt #1 and that you DO get apt #2? And then... WHERE does apt #3 go? I think you titled it perfectly-mayhem!! Regardless, I'll just play it safe and say something like-"God, whatever works for you (and keeps Jessica from a meltdown)." :D I'll def. be sitting at the edge of my sit! :)

  2. *seat* or maybe it should be more like, I'll def. be on the edge of my seat. There. :) -Marayh

  3. Wow! This is exciting! Lucky for us, we serve a God that will provide for these things. :] So cool! It is also awesome that you get a gas voucher...Ugh. Gas.