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Friday, April 22, 2011

Playgrounds and Bike Paths

This is a sign for a playground.  They're pretty serious about keeping things clean and tidy so everyone can enjoy the outdoors.  The house we're waiting on doesn't have a yard, so we'd be taking advantage of the local parks and such.

I've noticed that there are lots of bike paths around.  The Germans love to ride bikes, walk, jog, and even ride horses!  It'll be fun to start walking/jogging through the German countryside.  It's nice because they have them right next to the main roads... so you have a safe place to be.  (To avoid being in the road with those speedy Germans!)

Everyone's on holiday for Easter weekend.  Jesse checked into the squadron and then drove from Sembach to the house we want and it's just under 30 minutes.  Kind of a hike for his daily commute, but we'll see how it turns out.  (Remember that he might be closer at Vogelweh soon.)  He's home now so when the girls are up and done eating we're going to hit the Commissary and run some errands on base.  Then maybe tonight we'll try some authentic German fare for dinner - stay tuned!  :o)


  1. That playground sign is so cute! That dog looks like a fox-by the way, have you seen any dogs and cats? Do they have lots of pets in Deutschland?

  2. I haven't seen many cats, but plenty of dogs. The Germans are very fond of their dogs and also very serious about making sure they're well-behaved :o) (And that they don't poop near playgrounds, apparently!)

  3. :) Those Germans really have it figured out don't they? Recycling, efficiency, promotion of exercise, keeping their dogs in line and making sure their playgrounds are clean. Europe is always one step-or even several steps- ahead of us! Watch out, when your family comes to visit (I'm guessing they will?) I'll be in their luggage. :>) -Maryah