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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Looking, Looking, Looking... Hopefully SOON

Last night I unfortunately (or maybe fortunately?) got to be reminded of AF Wife Lesson #1.  Not only did Jesse get home after lunch (when he thought he'd be home by lunch) but he got home to tell me he had to go back in for a meeting!  So we weren't going to be able to start house hunting like we'd planned.  And then I found out that he had to go in today for a different meeting that won't be over till 1:30pm at the earliest.  And tomorrow is a German holiday, so no house hunting then.  Maaaaybe Friday and Saturday?  And then he starts class on Monday.  (Yes, more class... I'll explain later... when I get more info from him.  It's two weeks.)

Boo Air Force, BOO! 

Here was my thought progression: "Great.  How are we supposed to find a place to live with no time to look?"  "We're NEVER going to find a house!"  "I'M SICK OF LIVING IN THIS HOTEL"  "I WANT A HOOOOOOOME"  "WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!" 

Poor Jesse :o) 

I snapped out of it though, and took a nap.  And looked at the sunshine.  And remembered that Jesse is going as fast as he can and this is to be expected (the wait).  And this hotel isn't a bad place to be stuck... and I can walk right into Ramstein every day.  And I need to stop whining :o)  And trust God's timing.  We'll have a house soon.  It's going to be okay!

(Also, Jesse got home from his meeting in time to take all his girls out to dinner... :o)  So it wasn't *that* bad of a day, even if we couldn't start house hunting!)

The map shows all the places we're interested in looking at.  BUT we've been talking about a new possibility... moving into a temporary apartment.  These are available month-to-month and are usually fully furnished.  It might be a better option for us because then we can take our time looking for a house.  Especially since it looks like we don't have much time to look around before Jesse starts the two week class.  It might be easier on us to have less pressure (we really want out of the hotel) while we look around (we really don't want to rush a decision). 

I'll keep you posted on what we decide... we should know today or tomorrow because he's going to talk to Housing and SGT G. to make sure it's okay to look into temp housing.  Stay tuned!


  1. temp housing sounds like a good idea - - especially since Jesse doesn't make decisions quickly (ever). and I can definitely understand wanting to be out of the hotel - - I'm sure it would be good to stop living out of suitcases!

  2. LOL @ Linda...(ever). It's so true. And Jesse, I'm not saying it's a *bad* thing... I would label it "endearing". ;)

  3. And all I can think of are all the times my *hasty* decisions would have gotten us into trouble :o) He usually knows best!