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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Lost and Found

Lost:  One bag. 

Found:  One bag that doesn't belong to us.

Dangit.  Are we missing anything important?  Why yes, in fact, we are... almost all of Jesse and my clothes.  And Dolly.  Thankfully, we have enough clean undies to make it through till we can wash some of our clothes at our friends' house tomorrow ;o)  And Dolly's absence has hardly been missed, thanks in part to us keeping LJ super busy... and supplied with Wally's company! 

We dropped the not-our-bag off at the airport today and they're trying to contact the girl who has our bag.  I find it a little troubling that she hasn't turned it in, yet.  I mean, what does she need with a Dolly and all my clothes anyways? ;o) 

Hopefully we'll have it back tomorrow!


  1. Poor Dolly! I really hope you get your bag back! It's great that you have internet...and spring weather!! I'm jealous! Glad you guys made it safely-Maryah

  2. I sure hope "she" isn't the same size as you - I mean, why would she want to keep your bag and not get her own back!?!?!? I suppose it's possible that she hasn't figured out that she got the wrong bag (like as in hasn't opened your bag yet!?)

    Wow - Dolly - missing! (note to self - Lily needs a new Dolly!)

  3. ugh! except...wait...does this mean you get to go shopping and purchase some of those 'new' fashions?!
    seriously, though, praying it gets returned...nothing like having your own stuff.

    [Linder, you're a great Dolly chooser!]

  4. Mom! Note to you: Dolly is far less important than your daughter's WHOLE WARDROBE! (Well, okay, not my whole wardrobe... but all that I brought that isn't in hold baggage or HHG!)

    We checked today but still nothing... fingers crossed for tomorrow!

  5. And I *guess* I wouldn't mind some shopping, if it comes to that! ;o)

  6. Don't worry, I am taking my time to get a new Dolly (I won't buy it till you are sure she's lost for good) . . . but I saw the same Dolly at Wally-world when I was looking for a new outfit for Dolly last month! (no worries)

    If this was a military flight, don't they have a pretty good idea of who was on it and therefore where the bag might be at this point? Related question: with military flights, do they pay for lost baggage (replacing the contents) when they decide it is really lost?

  7. Oh yes, I'm actually not worried at all that it will be lost forever. They have her name and she's at a base nearby... when we checked yesterday the lost and found guy wasn't there. He should be in today (J's gonna stop by) and hopefully she will have returned it! But yeah, they will refund us what we think it was worth. So no worries! :o)