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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Germany, Day One

(Day one as of last night when I originally wrote this, but didn't have the energy to figure out the internet situation without Jesse... who was alseep... so "tonight" in this post refers to Friday, German time (which is six hours ahead of Eastern Time), the first night we were here.  Right now it is Saturday night... day two.)

Things I Don't Know How to Do:

1.  Talk in German.  This is a shame... since I could have at least figured a few phrases out ahead of time.  But alas, time got away from me!  So I need to remedy this quickly... it's embarrassing that I can only say "I don't understand"... and even that I'm too chicken to try for fear I'll say it wrong!

2.  Call out using our hotel phone.  We tried tonight, but couldn't figure it out... even with the hotel's instructions!  We found out that the apartment we're interested in is still available and we were going to try to make an appointment to check it out tomorrow or Monday.  But the phone was too much of a mystery for our tired brains to handle.  We'll try to figure it out tomorrow. 

3.  Open the girl's room from the outside.  The lock hates me, I guess.  It's a real key, not a hotel swiper like in the States.  Thankfully, I realized I had locked myself OUT of my BABIES' room at a time while Jesse was still here.... and the lock doesn't hate him, apparently.  I'm leaving the door between our rooms cracked from now on!

Things I Have To Adjust To:

1.  The Sergeant who picked us up from the airport ("Sergeant G") informed us that the OWS (Operational Weather Squadron - our squadron) is now on 12 hour shifts.  I wasn't *that* upset, 'cause I suspected the fabled 8 hour shifts were just a rumor!  (Too good to be true!)  They've been on 12's since everything started in Libya.  Oh well... I'm used to him working long days, right? ;o)

2.  Our hotel.  Again, I'm not too shocked to discover that our hotel arrangements aren't what we were "told"... i.e. we thought we were getting a suite on base with two rooms and a kitchen.  Nope :o)  What we HAVE are two rooms in a hotel off base.  No kitchen.  So looks like more microwave cooking and eating out for us... blech!  (Apparently there wasn't room on base... I'm starting to see a pattern here with base hotels!)  But this hotel is very clean and nice... so if no kitchen is my biggest bummer, I can handle that!  (Just another reason to find a place asap!)

Things I'm Extremely Thankful For:

 1.  Safety and sanity.  Our flight went great!  Wrestling two babies and their gear onto the plane was a little nerve-wracking (for me) but we did it and they both slept almost the whole flight!  There were periods of tears but nothing compared to what some mommies were dealing with!

2.  Sunshine and Spring.  Not only does it feel like Spring here (though a bit brisk when the sun's not out), it looks like it, too!  So much beautiful green out the window!

3.  A hubs with a driver's license AND rental car!  One of our Lieutenants helped by driving Jesse where he needed to go to get some important errands taken care of so now we're all set for the big things!  It's a relief to know we won't have to bug people for rides.

4.  An APO address already!  Here it is... so the goody boxes can start flooding in at our moms' earliest convenience ;o)  (But my Mom - hang tight till I have a chance to end the forwarding to your house.  I'll drop it in the mail early this week and let you know when it's gone through.  Gracias!)

Jesse and Jessica Aiduk
PSC 3 BOX #153
APO AE 09021


  1. Can't believe you are able to blog so soon! I think it is great that your thankful list is the biggest. Also- you have beat us to spring twice this year! We are still waiting to see those first daffodils open on our lane.....

  2. Okay so you have internet figured out . . . does that mean we can skype soon? I'm psyched about the APO already - - I probably don't need to "hang tight" with your mail, since I'll probably have other boxes to send eventually! Do you want me to just toss some of this stuff - - they are forwarding credit card applications and lawn service ads!

  3. I'm fairly confident that you will be able to speak German and figure out the hotel phone - though the lock may continue to hate you ;)

    yuck to Libya and 12 hours, but you can do it...and yay for your own kitchen SOON!

    yay for the *good* flight and two springtimes, a German driver's license AND an APO ADDRESS!

    (Thanks Lord for taking such good care of them)