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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Lunch At Oglevee's

Here's a bit of a panoramic view from Quentin and Tiffany's driveway.

They live in a cute little village about 20 minutes from Ramstein (the main base, which is five minutes from our hotel). See the chickens?  All I could think of when I saw them was finding myself a farmer and learning the German phrase for "Would you sell me some of your eggs?" so I can get me and my girls some TRULY farm fresh eggs! ;o)

We would NEVER have gotten there if it was for the GPS that we have with our rental car.  We did get to drive on the autobahn, which was pretty exciting.  

(I have to insert an aside here:  for those like me who don't know, "the autobahn" is a misnomer.  I always thought "the autobahn" was some crazy highway in Germany where all the crazy people who like to drive fast went because there was no speed limit and it was flat and straight or something.  The autobahns are basically the Germany national highway system.  They call it the motorway.  And while we're talking about German driving... I've noticed they have a lot more rotaries/traffic circles and a lot less traffic lights.  Interesting tidbit!) 

Jesse says it well... no matter where you drive around here, you feel like you're in a park or something.  It's cool.  Everything is so pretty... and even when you're driving "faster", it seems like the pace is slower around here.  The roads are narrow, but people seem to be good drivers, so it doesn't make me too nervous (c.f. Mississippi drivers!) ;o) 

The top two floors of the middle building are theirs.  It's a really cute apartment.  I'm actually a little jealous, which is silly, since I haven't even had a chance to LOOK at other apartments!  I love the views they have... all the windows are huge and look out over the village (in the front) or the woody backyard.  Being in their house made me SO EXCITED to start looking for a place of our own!  

Mila taught LJ how that it can be fun to sit still for five seconds to watch Monster's Inc. when you're sleepy and grouchy ;o)

They get along well.  Well... as well as two toddlers would typically get along ;o)

At least they help me rock the baby!

So we got a load of laundry done!  And we also got to hang out with the O's and get even more helpful information from them.  We drove about ten minutes down the road to check out the neighborhood of the apartment we like... it's still available so we're going to try to go see it ASAP! 

Jesse has "in-processing" tomorrow.  He'll be gone from about 7-4.  Not bad at all! ;o)  That will last two days or so and he'll be getting lots of info, so that'll be good!  I didn't have a chance to explore our neighborhood, yet, but that's on tomorrow's to-do list now.  Gotta do something to keep me busy!  I'm not used to having a hubs who works for a living ;o)


  1. how clean! it really is lovely.

    you have been so busy - the girls seem to be holding up well...how bout momma?
    sleep ok last night?

  2. how is the adjustment going to the new time zone for everyone? I know Sammy woke up early-ish but I haven't figured out yet how your time zone compares to ours (esp. on fb).

    their apt. really does look nice - - hope you find one that's just as cool!!! have fun looking!

  3. I can't wait to hear about the apartment. Take tons of pictures!

  4. MIL and Mom: Everyone's sleeping well and adjusting well :o) Sam seems to be adjusting the best actually... she's been waking up at her usual time (7am) for the past two days. LJ's been a bit confused at night... she goes down fine at bedtime (7ish) but wakes up around 9/10 and talks to herself/whines a little. Maybe she'll do better today since we're not out and about all day. It's nice to be "at home". I bet both girls will appreciate getting some real naps in! Heck, I might even get a nap in... and *gasp* maybe some reading! :o)

    Hil: Unfortunately, you may have to wait awhile! I didn't feel like I knew them well enough to ask if I could highlight their home on my blog lol. But maybe later!