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Monday, April 18, 2011

Morning Walk :o)


  1. again, nice photos, beautiful buildings, tulips, art work - and all so clean! did you run into many people while walking? funny not to see a random person in the shots...

  2. Yeah it was weird... hardly anyone out and about. But it is a Monday morning. Back to the grind for most, I suppose. I did see a handful of folks working on their yards, walking their dogs, riding bikes, etc. So not everyone is working. But it was nice... very quiet. I think I shall be walking regularly here. No jogging till I find out if there's a trail somewhere... the stroller would be hard to run with on those tiny sidewalks! :o)

  3. I like the mosaics - were you being a 'creeper' to get those pics? I am VERY jealous of all the tulips (bulbs here are having a really tough time with our weather!) and I like that rock garden (??) - so cool!

    I'm also happy to see that there are signs to get you back to the hotel! I think finding my way back is always the biggest worry!

    Definitely looks like a pretty European village, I like it! Thanks for updating, I miss you like crazy!

  4. OH I was TOTALLY creepin' to take these. At times I was wondering "are people watching from the windows going to call the police on me? Or just give me the stink-eye?" But no to both concerns.

    Also no to the concern that I might get lost... the village is set up very logically, so no worries!