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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

Hey everyone!  I just read through *some* of your comments and got a good laugh!  Unfortunately I don't have time to answer them all, yet... Jesse's wandering around the BX trying to keep two baby girls happy while I grab me some wifi and a coffee at Cinnabon! ;o)  So here's the quickie update from this week:

Internet:  not yet (obviously).  Hopefully by the end of this week... *fingers crossed*  If not, I'll visit the coffee shop again over the weekend.

House:  AMAZING.  So so so amazing.  I've been taking "process shots" to show you the mess and how it has slowly morphed into a home.  We'll be done and feeling pretty well moved in by the end of the week.  I haven't explored Otterberg, yet.  But soon!

Girls:  LJ's loving the space to play.  SJ's super thankful to have her own room again so her sissy doesn't wake her up during naps!  Developmental milestones include LJ adding numerous words to her sign-vocab and also babbling more.  SJ is getting up on all fours and also scooching like crazy.  Still puking all over ;o)  

Jesse:  finished FTAC on Thursday and might possibly start "class" tomorrow.  It's basically more school... a pre-training before the on-the-job-training.  If they can't squeeze him into this class he'll have to wait around and twiddle his thumbs (at the squadron) for awhile (maybe a month?) till the next class starts. 

Me:  enjoying the sorting and organizing.  I missed having work to do!  Loving being able to cook again!  I wish we had internet, but the forced "unplugging" of my life is probably a good thing... not that I want to keep it this way!!!  I miss connecting with friends and family regularly! 

Mother's Day:  I have the best Mom and Mom-in-law in the world.  I also love being a Momma (duh!)  And Jesse is spoiling me by being "Prince Charming" today! ;o)  It's a good way to end a nice weekend.

Okay... bye for now!  Promise to check in again soon!


  1. So good to hear that things are going well! I'll be praying for speedy internet connection :) Happy Momma day!! -maryah

  2. Thanks for the brief update! Love you all so much! Looking forward to the bigger update with pictures!!!!!

  3. SOOOO glad to hear you guys are well and that life is good! the house sounds wonderful, you sound happy, everyone is healthy, and Jess is growing as a hubs and dad, - can't ask the Lord for much more than all that! (well, i could but, it would be purely selfishly motivated if you get my drift =P!) LOVE you guys....(thanks for checking in with all of us on your special day, Jessica- you're a peach!)

  4. Odd... I could have sworn I posted "Happy Mother's Day!" on Sunday... oh well. Anyways... Happy (Belated) Mother's Day! I can't wait to see your amazing European apartment. :) Miss ya.

  5. hopin' and prayin' for a weekend update (I was actually wishing you were still at Keesler and had 'down Fridays' so you could get to the base and wifi's!) But then again, blogger was down for a long time today . . . so I wouldn't even know if you tried!

  6. I think your definition of "soon" is not the same as mine... ;) It's weird...I know you've been gone since last August, but, for the first time, it really, really, feels like you're gone. Miss ya! :)