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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The House: Move-In Process

So I was going to go through and narrate all these pictures for you... but I don't really have the energy... so the short story is that we spent one night with just Sam (LJ was at Tiffany and Quentin's) before our furniture came. So we camped out on the floor. The movers came and brought everything in first. Then they unpacked. Meaning they quickly took everything out of boxes so they could leave (with all their packing materials) asap. It was a little chaotic, but went off pretty well. Tiffany gave me a bunch of tips for making sure things went smooth, so I felt pretty prepared for what to expect. I didn't let them movers push me around this time! ;o)

So these pictures cover about a two week period of unpacking. And I regret that I still haven't photographed some pretty cool parts of the house... like good shots of the view and the fireplace. Don't worry... you will see it all soon! In the meantime, I'm off to bed so enjoy these shots. 

My man got me *pretty much* the best house in Germany.  Just sayin' :o) 


  1. I love all the piles of books! :)

  2. your house looks *OH*SO*CUTE*! I have about a bazillion questions to ask (about the layout and such), but I'll give you some time. so sad about the loss of the camera! I love love love you and I am SO happy you got internet, I can hardly stand it!

  3. Mattea! I hate it! ;o) It just makes me think that we are crazy and need to STOP. BUYING. BOOKS! But we just can't seem to help it! The pile on the stairs all went up to a closet and needs to be sorted through. Again. Didn't I just sort through and get rid of a bunch? Yes, but this is what happens when you start a library! ;o)

    Mom... yeah... I have a lot more explaining to do but I really want to be able to show more pictures. Maybe I'll just paint some pictures with my words and then show pictures later? What do you think?

  4. I liked the books on the stairs! It looked like John Quincy Adam's house before they built a library. He had 13,000 books though. You don't have a it that bad ;) - Cassie