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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Few Things I Don't Want to Forget to Mention

1.  I got my German driver's license on my first try (which means I'm cooler than Jesse) but I only got a 91, so I didn't beat him... because he *also* got a 91.  And don't be deceived... we didn't *actually* score the same... cause the guy proctoring my test gave me two answers ;o)

2.  We have a bidet in our bathroom.  So, eh... if any of you (AlexBethSteph) are curious, I can make your wildest dreams come true.  Ew ;o)

3.  I lost our camera.  It's true.  I was going to try to hide the truth from you while Jesse hurries to buy us another one... but since our internet is up I'm sure you're going to start wondering why there are no "new" pictures going up ;o)

It's because I'm a COMPLETE IDIOT and I can't believe how gracious my husband was when I told him that I think our camera fell to it's death from our jogging stroller.

Okay, okay, I'll just tell you the whole story really quick.  (Okay, you know me, it won't be quick...)

I had a bag in the bottom of the stroller and we were taking a jog up the hill outside of the town.  I stopped to take a pic from the top of the hill.  Then I stopped a few minutes later to take a pic of a real live swan!  It was perfect!  The swan was sitting in a pond that was back in the woods a little... so the sun was hitting the pretty birdie but not the woods... aaaaah... it was lovely.  But you shall never see it.

Because that was the last time I've seen my dear sweet camera. 

It wasn't till the next day that I realized I hadn't seen it recently... but I knew that the dang swan was the last thing I photographed. That's when I frantically tore the whole garage apart and practically turned the stroller inside out.  And I looked in vain in the house... but I knew all along... it was gone.

See, after the fateful swan picture... I was afraid we were going to get run over just standing there on the side of this country road... so I hastily chucked the camera into the compartment of the stroller, but not into the bag.  Bad move.

Here's what I imagine occurred:  I was jogging along and hit a bump and bye-bye went the camera.  It's now rotting on the side of the road.  Or happily being used by some lucky German who found it! ;o)

We went and looked for it.  Which is saying a lot because we walked the whole route I ran... and Jesse hates walks!  But he courageously offered to walk the whole thing with me so we could look for it.  But we still didn't find it. 

Um, so that's the story.  We're trying to decide if we should just buy a cheapo replacement or if we should go ahead and spring for our DSLR.  

PS:  I'm no longer going to jog on that pretty road outside of town because I was afraid we were going to get hit by a car.  And also because it's clearly bad luck for me to venture forth there... especially with a camera!

Okay, I'm glad I got that all off my chest.  Now I can just go ahead and show you what pictures I *thankfully* had taken of the sd card and saved to the computer just days before I lost the camera.  And know that my husband promised a camera in the next two weeks, which I think was very kind of him considering I'm a COMPLETE IDIOT and lost it.  He claims he's assuming it's a one time event (me losing expensive electronics) and so he trusts me with a new one :o)

He's good to me.  He's even more good to me when I'm convulsing from a meltdown ;o)


  1. Aww-I'm so sorry Jess-but ya know, you aren't the only one to loose a camera. It happens to the best of us. I once heard of someone in France that left their purse in the taxi they were in and in the purse was their new beautiful camera (and money and such) they had bought for the trip. Anyway, the husband had taken a photo of their address and locked it on the camera. So - some time later when they were back in USA a package arrived and in it was the purse! The taxi driver had used the address and sent back the purse and everything. Now thats European hospitality for ya! ;o) I'm sorry that your camera didn't have a better ending though, but at least you've got a great husband to replace it for you! (And that was my story for the day) :)

  2. Yeah... I doubt we'll ever see it again. My only consolation is that I didn't have any pics on it that can't be retaken (well... I'm staying away from that dang swan, though!) and Jesse said we'll order a camera by the end of the week. So no worries!

  3. I just thought of something-what if someone (like a national geographic journalist) found your camera and saw that photo..taking that it was an amazing photo, they entered it into the magazine and it became the cover of the next issue-THEN, they want to track down the person that took the pic cause the journalist was humble and didn't take the credit for it. Soon, they find it was you who lost the camera and they give you a lifetime membership to the mag you are given one of the best cameras in the world! THAT-would be awesome. :o)