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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

21st OWS Annual Picnic

Our squadron had their big picnic shin-dig yesterday.  All the usual fun stuff: grilled meat, dish-to-pass yummies, basketball and volleyball, pie-in-the-face fundraiser, playground for the kiddos. 

Side note: We were there for quite a while and I was so proud of the girls cause we actually woke them up after only a 40 minute nap (LJ was most disappointed in this) and hauled them off to the park.  But they were both fine!  We didn't get home till after 5pm and we basically just fed them, changed them, and put them to bed.  I'm starting to learn that life can be flexible and adventurous even with two babies.  Which is an important thing for a schedule-freak to learn when she has two under two but still wants to travel Europe.  The girls are teaching me that they're basically cool with anything so let's just do it Momma! ;o)

Okay, back to the picnic.  After getting over that initial "gosh I don't know anyone this is scary" awkwardness, I met a few gals and definitely have some promising leads on friendships, play dates, and tips to getting plugged in.  I'm a little disappointed to learn that the squadron itself doesn't seem to do many regularly organized events... and there isn't a key spouse, like at Keesler.  So we may have to work harder to get involved with the squadron.  Or I may have to focus my hang-out time on moms my age, regardless of what squadron they're in.  Which is perfectly fine, too!  We'll see. 

Jesse was able to point out and introduce me to some of his co-workers (good to be able to put faces with the names).  And it was a good opportunity to say hi again to some others I've already met.  All in all I was really glad we had the chance to go together as a family!

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  1. soo glad for these ops (the zoo, the picnic) for you guys to mix and mingle as a fam! and it just sounds like you are having waaaay toooo much fun without all of us!!! (ok, nod to self pity completed) really though, so glad that you are able to get out and enjoy all this fun stuff. and it's great that the girls are cooperating!