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Monday, June 6, 2011

Kaiserslautern Zoo and Big Emma's

On Saturday Tiffany invited us to the zoo.  So we met up with the Oglevee's (that's their daughter Mila) and the Striders (Brandi and Sam, and their son Steven Michael... they also have a brand new daughter Ariana, but she was home with Grandma).  Shout out to Tiff for posting pictures on facebook that I have stolen for the purpose of illustrating this post. Without permission ;o) 

LJ had a blast.  We used the sit-and-stand stroller for the first time the way it's meant to be used ;o)  So she got to sit on the big girl seat in the back while Sam chilled out in the front.  It was nice for Lily to be able to get down and walk around at times.

We got to see all the usuals: lion, tiger, zebras, monkeys, llamas, birds, fish, spiders, camels, kangaroos, etc.  My favorite was this porcupine because it was HUGE!  My daredevil hubs reached into his pen for a souvenir quill ;o) 

The zoo wasn't too big, which was nice.  We were able to see everything at a relaxed toddler pace and then had time to go out for lunch before naptimes.  We went to this CRAZY restaurant called Big Emma's.  They specialize in really big portions of food.  Like, the biggest I've ever seen!  You can see more pictures on their website... but here's Jesse's burger:

*This* is a HALF SIZE burger!  Can you believe it?  I got a 1/4 size schnitzel with fried potatoes and it ended up being three meals.  Jesse's burger fed him for lunch, both of us for dinner that night, AND he still had a little leftover for the next day!  (It was actually pretty tasty the second time around, too!)  Lily got a free kid's meal (as if there wasn't enough food on the table for her to share!) so we were all pretty full when we left.  It was really fun, though!  AND I didn't have to cook all weekend!

Jesse, Quentin, and Sam are all planning on taking on Big Emma's challenge... A full size of the schnitzel and three liters of beer!  You can take as long as you like to finish it, and if you do you don't have to pay for it and you get a cool trophy.  (Man v. food anyone?)  Blech... just the thought of all that food sounds so gross!  But if they did it they'd definitely have a fun memory!

So that's that.  We had a lovely weekend... and the plan is for Jesse to come pick us up this afternoon for a squadron picnic.  Hopefully I'll get to meet some more gals and plug in soon.  I'm signing up for a "new spouses orientation" to Ramstein on Monday.  That should be another good way to get info on how to start getting involved.

Alright I'm off to go compare two camera packages that Jess is watching on ebay.  Hopefully we'll be adopting one soon ;o)


  1. my goodness! it's bigger than his head
    big emmas seems more than accurately named!
    lj looks quite content with her meal ;)

    so glad you *took* pics to share with us! (thanks to tiff :)

    love you guys

  2. That burger looks amazing. Makes me want one.

  3. WOW!!! Thats humungo!! Crazy!!

  4. Ha! The burger didn't look *that* big in the first pic. Then I saw Jesse holding it. Wow. It reminded me of the time I tried to convince Derrick and Jesse to get the 20 oz. burger while at the WorshipGod Conference. The didn't. I was bummed. Do you guys watch Man vs. Food? I enjoy that show. And I'm so glad I don't have a jet. Because it's all that holds me back from flying to the locations after some episodes. ;)

  5. wow - I didn't think the burger was that huge in the first picture! but when compared with Jesse's head (and even with his mouth) it does look rather large!

  6. Yeah he could barely fit it into his mouth!

    Nicole... I wasn't familiar with man vs. food till we went to San Antonio and Josh took us to that diner where we ate the 5 lb cinnamon bun (as seen on the show). And then when we were in MS we had cable tv for the first time so we watched a few episodes. Def think he's hilarious and def think he's going to die of a heart attack ;o)