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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Another Itchy Tale

When I left Mississippi I thought I was leaving creepy bugs behind me.  And you thought I was going to stop telling you about my bug adventures.

Well I have one word for you folks:  TICKS. I was looking through Flickr for a picture to illustrate for you but I was getting the heebie-jeebies so I had to stop ;o)  And now I'm feeling itchy!

Apparently this area of Germany is well known for it's population of deer ticks.  I didn't know this at first.  But when I pulled one of those blood-suckers off myself within the FIRST WEEK of being in this house, I inquired of Lilo, my best source of all things local.  (My little buddy was probably picked up after a steak dinner on our upper patio... where Lilo has some old wooden table/chairs... we've been scared to eat up there ever since, despite the amazing view!)

Lilo confirmed.  You have to be careful to check yourself (and your kiddos) after you spend any time outdoors here.  Yeah, no kidding! 

I just couldn't believe that I picked one up so quickly... I've never had a tick and I grew up in tick-central-NY!  Go figure! 


  1. i learn something new every day and today you were my teacher - had absolutely NO clue that deer tick would inhabit wooden furniture! ugh, is no place safe?! very glad you found it and there have been no ill consequences for you except for the grossedoutedness factor!

    how many teeth is jesse having extracted? praying it goes well, though at this point it may be over? please keep us posted-


  2. You must be a foreign delicacy! - Cassie

  3. Well I don't know for sure that's where he came from... just guessing. But they seem to get around. I just killed another one tonight actually... I found it crawling around in my *clean* diaper laundry (that had been hanging on the line all afternoon). *shudders* Now I have to religiously check our laundry AND the girls... whether or not they've been outside! :o\