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Thursday, June 9, 2011


I had a "duh" moment this morning.  While we try to figure out what to do about our lack of a camera, I can still show you pictures of things with the iPhone.

Silly me.  Always forgetting things.  Like the fact (as Mom pointed out) that the date of our one year anniversary is recorded right in my blog!  (I just for some reason thought I'd have to go hunting for my journal from last year and I didn't want to get off the couch!)

Anyways, I'll take some pictures this weekend... of the girls and the garden and such.  Not the best quality obviously, but enough to make the grandmas happy, right ladies?  ;o) 

Here's Samma-lamma waiting for her breakfast this morning.  LJ's not up, yet. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention yesterday :o\ but if you want to shoot a few prayers in Jesse's direction this weekend, he's going to be in a bit of pain on account of them pulling his wisdom teeth as we speak.  So on the bright side, we get an extended weekend together :o)  It'll be a weekend full of pain meds, mushy food, video games and movies, and your basic R&R for My Love. 


  1. doesn't take too much to keep moms/grandmoms happy!
    hopefully jesse son will follow my footsteps with regard to tooth extraction- little to no pain... ;)

  2. SJ actually looks like LJ in this picture!

    And I'll definitely be praying for Jesse. Wisdom teeth can be so rough.

  3. Yeah Sam is starting to thin out a little and the more she does the more she looks like her big sis!

    MIL: he's doing well but in a bit of pain. The pain meds are definitely taking the edge off... he had three removed and they had a "hard time" with one (whatever that means!) so he's got more pain on that side. But the bleeding has stopped and he's been napping/watching tv/eating soft foods. Should bounce back in no time! ;o)

  4. it's funny b/c when you first posted that you lost your camera I was going to tell you to use your cell phones, then I remembered 'oh wait . . . one single new cell phone, not home most of the time and possibly just a basic version with no phone' - but I forgot you kept the ipod . . . or maybe you and use the iphone - - either way, pictures make me very happy!

    Hope Jesse's doing well still!

  5. no way - - I just realized Sammy's wearing Lily's jammies (like my favorites) - - holy cow! what size is she in now???

  6. Those pjs are size 6-9 months. I think Lily wore them till... 12 months? ;o)