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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Bring on the Bands!

Marching bands are always my favorite part of parades.  Besides the candy ;o)  Here are some clips of our favorites from this weekend.  My band-geek family should appreciate these!



  1. Hehehe - - well here's your band-geek mom's commentary on the bands in the parade of videos that I got to experience:

    Band#1: my first thought was wow! Nicely co-ordinated flag routine and I like their uniforms! Then I wondered if it was a European thing to march with their right foot on the strong beat (instead of LEFT)- - - then I realized their front units were just out of step with the band - - - and I'm most impressed with them b/c they were playing real BUGLES (the kind with no valves! The uniform thing was also big for me!

    Band#2: most of them were in step, but the lack of uniforms didn't impress . . .

    Band#3: was totally in the wrong country - - didn't you just move away from (near) New Orleans??? That was an awesome dixieland band in Germany? really? (nobody in step and nobody in uniform, but perfect for dixieland!)

    Band #4: another oxymoron - - they're playing a Stephen Foster song (Oh Susanna!) I wouldn't have expected that!! They were generally well in step, but few straight lines (sadness) - - and again, uniforms (without raincoats) would have been nice!

    Band #5: you cut them off so they didn't have as much air time as the others, what I did hear, I enjoyed - - and they were in step! I enjoyed the sousaphone player's partial dance (I would have enjoyed seeing more of him!) And they had cool uniforms (not great lines).

    1st Place goes to band 1, 2nd place to band 5, then the other 3 tie for third place!

    Thanks for letting us see the parade!!!!!

  2. Aaaaand the grand prize for being a band-geek and giving us a true band-geek commentary goes to... MY MOMMY! :o)

  3. that's me BAND GEEK AND PROUD!!!

  4. But all these bands are lacking one thing...I'm not in them!