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Friday, June 24, 2011

Die Oma

Here she is!  Our '92 Mercedes.  Her name is Die Oma, or The Grandmother (in honor of the late La Abuela... my brother's first beater car that came from our true grandma... which we affectionately called La Abuela ;o)  May she rest in peace.  The car, not Grandma.) 

Anyways, I like the car.  You can't beat it for $1000.  The hardest part for me to get used to was that it has four gears and the reverse is where I'm used to first gear being.  I've only stalled her out once or twice ;o) 


  1. She is so nice! I've been wondering if you would remember to tell your adoring fans about her.... :o) The Mercedes symbol has to be my favorite...

  2. I know I love the symbol, too! Though, I think I like the BMW one better :o)

  3. So... I totally gasped when I saw this post title. Why? I thought Lilo passed away and was also thinking how insensitive your choice of title was. LOL

  4. OH MY! Nicole! LOL I totally laughed... I should just call her "the Oma" to prevent the confusion. "Die" in German is pronounced "Dee"... but I totally understand your distress! :o) Fear not, Lilo is alive and well downstairs!