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Friday, June 24, 2011

Weekend Goings-On

To Do This Weekend:

1.  Get to know the newest member of the family - our iPad :o)

2.  Company over tonight - a new couple who just arrived last week.  On the menu: grilled pizza and fresh salad from our garden.

3.  Get my hair *professionally* colored tomorrow - I've got an appointment right here in town!  (She speaks English!  So no sign language required ;o) )  I *guess* you can't easily go from black to light brown with a home color-in-a-box-kit.  Hmmm.  So I'm off to drop a few euro, but it will be fun and relaxing and nice... I rarely spend a lot on my hair, so yay for splurging!  (My Love insisted.)

4.  Homemade cheesecake Saturday afternoon - confession time: I FORGOT ABOUT FATHER'S DAY last weekend!  So I'm making up for it this weekend ;o) 

5.  Date-in on Saturday night.  We thought about asking Lilo to sit up here while the girls are asleep so we could go out to eat, but we thought about it too late!  Maybe next weekend...

6.  Medieval Summer Market at a real castle!  Sunday we're going to go a little less than an hour away to Kusel Castle's 5th annual medieval market.  No clue what this will be like, but very excited! :o)  It's at a 12th century castle!  Still trying to decide if we want to save 4 euro by dressing up or not.  The best I'll be able to throw together will be pretty ghetto... we'll see how fun/festive we want to be. 


  1. give yourself *some* credit - - you remembered to send a card to your father and father-in-law for Father's day - - but with little ones, that's BAD to forget about Father's day! (but they did have a big parade in Jesse's honor in the town)!

  2. Yeah here's the whole forgetting Father's Day story... I planned a little too far ahead, actually :o) So I bought his Willow Tree present about two months ago... and I intended to buy the supplies for a big FDay breakfast for him (bacon, maybe choc chip pancakes, you know...) and maybe make a fav dessert. BUT I think I got too distracted by the Springfest so I woke up Sunday morning and didn't remember it was FDay until I got on facebook! :o) So I had a gift for him, but nothing else! (Thankfully there was the parade "in his honor", right?) So yeah, I told him I'd make it up to him this weekend... so we keep calling it Father's Day ;o)

  3. 1. I LOVE Derrick's iPad. I'll be looking forward to next year when he upgrades, so I get his current one. I could care less about having the newest gadgets. I mean, I guess since he is using it to sell sound boards and show them what they can do with them, it helps to have what they will be purchasing. :)

    2. Mm. I want pizza. Yes. Definitely can't wait til Pizza Friday.

    3. Pictures!! I'm gonna have Derrick highlight my hair here soon. I like it lighter for the summer.

    4. And now I want cheesecake. I haven't baked in forever. That's not entirely true, but it sure feels like it.

    5. Some of my favorite date nights are when we stay in. Well, they used to be. Josh (like Natalie) will stay in bed again at some point. Right? RIGHT?!

    6. Trying to picture what a "ghetto Medieval" person would look like. I think I'm picturing something more gypsy-ish. Shame the Holter's aren't close by. They each have at least 2 costumes. Did you ever see their wedding pics? It was medieval themed. Gorgeous!

  4. 3. Well. Apparently even the professionals can't go from black to light brown in one shot. Nina (my stylist from down the street) recommends at least two, possibly three sets of highlighting so as not to fry my hair. So it's still mostly black, though she touched up the roots with dark brown and added light brown highlights throughout. You can't really see the highlights, so it's not worth any pictures, yet. But maybe it will be more noticeable after next month's appointment. (I'm gasping at the cost here, but it's a rare thing, so I'll try to enjoy the pampering instead!)