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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday Fun Facts

Fun Facts - Germany

1.  Germany is about the size of Montana and has about 82 million inhabitants.  I googled the population of Montana and it's just under 1 million ;o)  So he joked that we Americans complain about how crowded everything feels in Germany, but he said it's really our fault because we "spoiled their evil plans for expansion"!

2.  Germany has the largest population in the European Union and it has the third largest number of immigrants worldwide!  Everyone loves Germany, apparently! ;o)

3.  The typical American tip (of 15-20%) is considered showing off here.  The servers wage is included in the price of the meal, so rounding up to the nearest euro is appropriate for good service.

4.  They have a saying here that "politics is politics and beer is beer" meaning they are completely comfortable arguing with each other over what we would consider touchy subjects (like politics) but that they are fine with agreeing to disagree and then sharing a beer (or two or three) with  no hard feelings.

5.  There is no fluoride in the tap water on the economy.  While this is distressing to some Americans, I'm anti-drinking stuff that has questionable health benefits and potential health risks.  So I'm happy :o)  Especially since tap water is our drink of choice!


  1. BAHAHAHAHAHA!!! We spoiled their plans of expansion....hahahaha. That's really funny.

  2. Yay for tap water. Kyle refuses and buys bottle water. :O