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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Picture Catch-Up 3

These go way back... all the way back to Hotel Europa!  What do you do on a particularly whiney-hiney afternoon when you're stuck in a hotel? 

Why, get out the ladybug tent from Grandma A of course!

Takes 2.5 seconds to put up and POOF!  Everyone's happy!

Especially *certain* little girls.

And their Mommas.

Thanks Toni!

Okay that's all the pictures I can find that I wanted to share (for now!).  

Quick weekend update:  Tonight we get to go to dinner at a new friends' house.  They invited us over after we met them at the squadron picnic.  I'm really humbled by their invite because he's leaving for his first deployment next week!  I'm pretty sure I'd be selfishly hogging every. last. minute I had with my husband... but she insisted that they wanted to have us over before he left!  I'm really looking forward to it!

Tomorrow Jesse has off because it's a "family day".  Apparently the Air Force does these periodically... every non-essential military member gets the day off to spend with fam!  SO COOL!  We don't know how *exactly* we're going to spend it... but probably something fun like Jesse getting some work done on the Saturn and me running with the girls to the BX to get undies for LJ.  We really know how to party on family day ;o)

But Saturday should be a blast because there's a festival in town!  Lilo told us Otterberg is going to be one big party... parades and music and food and all sorts of fun.  I'm not really sure yet what the shin-dig is all about... I was reading in the American paper that it has something to do with Pentecost, but Lilo told me it was celebrating spring.  So I'm a bit confused but still super excited to see a German town festival!  And Dianna and her family (our landlady, Lilo's youngest daughter) will be here for the weekend so we're excited to get to know them a little better.

And Sunday we're trying to figure out which church to visit.  After the orientation I got the info on all the different services offered by the base chapels.  But I also found a bunch of local churches advertising in the paper... so jury's still out!  Stay tuned!  

Have a great weekend!  I'll post when I can!   

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  1. hooray for a *really cool* ladybug tent! and for a happy girl after the tent went up! :o)

    and since I'm commenting here, I'm not going to comment on the dried-on booger on poor Sammy's head - - talk about making me GAG!!! I actually had a brief moment of panic when I saw it b/c it looked like she needed stitches for some reason, and I was worried about that!