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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Frühlingfest Part 3

Alright so the parade ended and we followed everyone up the hill.  We'd been told there was some sort of cool place up in the woods where everyone would be hanging out.  No clue what to expect!  (Except that I *did* confirm ahead of time that there were bathrooms! ;o) )

Rumor had it that it would be quite the hike, and you could drive if you wanted... or catch a bus.  But we were not about to be outdone by all the sweet little old Germans and the sweet little kiddie Germans who were happily walking.  We needed to prove we were fearless!

So we followed the crowd!

Look!  The puppy who was watching the parade near us!

So up the hill, through the woods, along the road...

...and BOOM!  How cool is that? 

They have this pole with papers at the top... if you can climb all the way up and grab a paper you get a prize!  We only saw kids attempt it, but I hear that adults do it, too... possibly later on after they've had a few beers? ;o)  

The weather didn't phase anyone!  It was alternating between sunny and rainy... as soon as the rain started everyone whipped out their umbrellas! :o)  I was lamenting the fact that I couldn't find any of ours... (don't you love that?  I *know* we have at least three... just don't know where I put them during the unpacking process!) but we were warm with lots of layers and extra blankets for the girls.  

Schnitzel sandwich and spicy hot dog-type thing.  Using rolls as buns are all the rage... I kind of like it.

Happy Father's Day to the father of my children!  He's so dashing.  And never smiles for pictures.  *sigh*  It's okay, though... I'm used to it after almost four years!

The girl sliding down is our landlady's oldest daughter Hannah!  Go Hannah!

Walking home.  It was a long walk, but a nice one!

Detour ;o)


  1. the last photo is priceless.

  2. looks like a blast! so glad you are enjoying th local "flavor" on so many levels. Sprechen zie deutsch yet? :) how did grocery shopping go with momma and two?
    missin you guys bunches...

  3. That looks so awesome and fun!

  4. I vote that the Facebook profile picture theif adopt that last pic. as his fb identification.
    -Love Cassie

  5. Cass, I told him I agreed. He just chuckled, but maybe he will ;o)