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Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Girl and Her Pee

And here she is: the princess of the potty!  My first pleasant surprise was that the undies I bought her from the BX (2T, smallest they had) actually stay on her tiny hiney.  I was a little skeptical ;o)  I mean, they're a tad baggy, but who cares as long as they stay up!

It was SUPER hot Monday and Tuesday so it wasn't hard at all to push fluids.  I got a bunch of citrus to make it fun.  And the first two days I kept at least two around at all times so she had "options" ;o)

"So Momma, what you're telling me is that if I drink all this water, it turns into pee-pee? Hmmmm..."  We never stay far from the potty.  I bring it with us wherever we go, except upstairs to get Sam from her nap... but we usually "try" before and after we're away from it.

I'm really optimistic about her progress.  The first two days I was really second guessing my decision to try so early.  But yesterday, the undies pictured above stayed dry ALL MORNING!  I was so excited!  So far today all the pee has also hit the potty... but we had two poopie-oopsies.  The cool thing about that (if you can call anything about poop in the panties cool?) is that she's learning what her body's telling her cause she was trying to tell me she had to go... but by the time I figured it out it was a little too late.  Mmm.

Anyways it's really cute when she goes cause she holds her nose (her made up sign language for poop/pee).  I'm still putting her on the potty at regular intervals, but we're stretching it out longer and longer (we're up to every half hour now and she usually goes about every other time) and this morning she even told me when it was time!  So that's a start!  (That's one of the reasons I was skeptical at first... she didn't seem to be knowing when she went until it was too late... but she's figuring it out!)  My method isn't very scientific... kind of a combo of what I know others have done and what I think works for her.  Mostly, we just have regular visits to the potty, lots of cheering when she has a hit, and mater-of-fact "pee-pee goes in the potty" type talks when she misses.  She seems to be getting it.  We shall see... Day 4 may be too early to tell :o)

I love diaper (and undies) only weather!  (For the record, Sam can't actually sit up this well alone... she has a tendency to launch herself backward still.  So not pictured: Momma's hand ready to prevent a head injury.)

"Don't worry, Momma!  I'll protect Sissy's head!" :o)  Or maybe she's saying "Don't you know it's good luck to rub bald baby heads?  Helps you have better success on the potty!" ;o)

Anyways, we're doing good here.  The sun is still shining but we had rain yesterday and it brought with it some relief from the hot and humid Monday/Tuesday weather.  I'm getting out tonight for Zumba (my second time... never done an exercise class before, but it's great to get out and dance around with other gals!) and then after that doing all the shopping for the party... which will feel like a vacation cause I won't have to worry about anyone's pee but my own!  After this week, Jesse will be in class... which for us doesn't mean much except that he'll be home a little earlier (before five) most days.  And he'll be able to focus on one thing (class) instead of a thousand things (errands for the squadron, esp. driving new people around) so he should like it better.  Also, plans are underway for an anniversary day trip to Trier without babies!  Definitely something to look forward to!


  1. Good job Lillian Jayce!!! woohoo!!! keep it up, girl - you're gonna be good at this soon!

  2. I'm glad it's going so well for you!! YAYAYAY!!!

  3. I know, she's doing so good! It's kind of becoming less stressful and more fun! She seems to be enjoying herself. She still saves poopies for her diaper (when she's napping and sleeping she always wakes up poopy)... but I'm okay with that for now, cause she tends to have messy ones and I'm not ready to tackle that mess yet ;o)

  4. Giovanna did the same exact thing. She pooped in her diaper. For some reason it scared her to poop on the potty. I didn't care. I figured that this was her accomplishment and she could run it the way she wanted. She used to tell me she had to poop and ask for a diaper. I figured I'd crack down by the time she was 2 or 2 1/2 but she was ready all on her own before that. I see no reason to rush the poop in the potty thing. Like you say, it's gross. You might as well keep it contained (and not smeared on the potty seat) as long as possible.