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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

I'm so naive ;o) 

I didn't realize that the term "potty training" was synonymous with "have no life and get behind on all your chores and other daily activities cause you'll be doing 8 million loads of laundry"... or "put a pause on everything cause you're watching that tiny hiney like a hawk"... or "feel a little stressed because you were a dummy and started this the same week you planned to host a 4th of July party on Saturday". 

Silly me!  But, for better or worse, we're on day 3 and I'm committed to seeing out the rest of the week and then reevaluating over the weekend.  So be aware that there might be a bit of a continued blog silence.  I *want* to show you all the cute pictures and tell you all the funny stories (not to mention finish telling you about the castle!) but we're a little too focused on pee-pee-ing in the potty these days to be able to devote much time to the internet. 

So till next time, think of me when you *don't* have to clean up toddler pee today.  And if you *are* cleaning up toddler pee, think of me and know that I sympathize with you 100%! :o)


  1. Awww . . . don't sweat the small stuff! If she's ready, she should be pretty consistent by tomorrow or the next day . . . if she's not ready, let it go! She's young, she's resilient and there's no way she'll be going to college before she's potty trained!

  2. She is getting so much hair! Oh my goodness!! Hang in there, she'll have it down soon enough. :)

  3. It's still really early. If it works then AWESOME, but if it doesn't then you can always try again in a few months! One thought (if for some reason it doesn't work this week)...if you wait until she starts parking her tiny hieny on the potty herself (without prodding) it will probably be the easiest thing you've ever done. I just put a potty out in the bathroom we always use, and when Giovanna sat on it and acted interested in potty training, I put her in undies. There are only two things toddlers truly have control over; what goes in their bodies and what comes out. Life becomes easier for you as a toddler mommy when you allow them the modicum of control they want over those two activities! That was one of my most valuable lessons I learned as a toddler mommy! Either way, good luck lady!!

  4. She looks like a Rawleigh!! And it looks like Germany's been good to her. Photo's make her look like she's "packing on the pounds." Look at those fabulous toddler pork chops!! (Those are the baby thighs for anyone who doesn't speak Cassie.) - Love from Auntie!!

  5. Yeah she's definitely getting that cute pudgy look (finally!). And it's no wonder... it's not unusual for her to eat an adult size portion of food, as you well know. Crazy kid.