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Friday, June 3, 2011

Lily Giving a Tour of the Balcony

Hey, look!  There's my Dad on the computer...

...and there's my Momma with the camera (may she -the camera- rest in peace)...

...and here's the thingy I don't really like to step on cause it hurts my piggies and I typically whine about it...

...and here's the other door to the balcony from the living room...

...AND here's my cheesy grin!  The end :o)


  1. Thanks Lily bear for such a great tour! what fun it is for you to have access to outdoors just steps away from mom and dad~ love you little one

  2. Dear Lily bear-
    I love your cheesy grin! and I miss having you here to tell you to smile and see it all the time! oh man, I think it's time to go to bed now before I start to cry or something!
    love - gramma r.

  3. Love to both of the grandmas from LJ (and SJ... and me... and Jess) XOXO