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Friday, June 3, 2011

What I Planted and How to Say It

Garden Vocab:

1.  Tomate = tomato.  We have six plants of various... types?  What's the word I'm looking for there??  Anyways... the one I'm most excited about is the "black" tomatoes.  They look kind of purple in the picture... I want to make funky salsa with them! ;o)

2.  Kopfsalat = lettuce.  Green and red leafies and a few green heads.  These puppies are the ones we're actually the most worried about... they weren't lookin' too good the first few days after we planted.  But I have faith that they will overcome their adversities!

3.  Paprika = bell pepper.  One red plant and one yellow.  We got the last two plants he had!  Mmmmm I love peppers!

4.  Petersilie = parsley.  Here's where we have a bit of confusion... we said we wanted parsley.  And we know we got at least a plant of the curly stuff.  But then there's this mystery plant... I'm relatively sure it's also parsley (the flat leaf kind).  I'm relatively sure enough that I tasted it... which made me even more relatively sure!

5.  And then there are these plants (that I don't want to look up right now ;o) cause I'm waiting to talk to my Momma on Skype):  dill, basil, chives, and one tiny little pumpkin plant that the lovely gentleman threw in as a special gift! 

And that's my Gemüse Garten (vegetable garden) for ya!  Sans pictures ;o)


  1. To bad its "without" (sans) pictures...Thats German right? Cause thats also French. Anyway-I think the word you might of been looking for with the tomates was species??? Maybe thats to extreme..I don't know. I can't wait to see your garden!

  2. Oh-and don't worry about the Kopfsalat cause once we planted some and they didn't look so good at first but they perked right up after a few days and some watering. Good luck!

  3. So glad you were able to put in a garden (don't buy produce from anywhere else :( and so grateful you have someone to 'help' with the project-
    just watch out for those rabbits the neighbors have as pets down the road!!

  4. Yeah we're definitely not going to be munching on tomatoes any time soon!

  5. Or bean sprouts! Stay away from those!

  6. Yaaay garden!! And, wait - is there something especially dangerous about German-grown produce??