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Friday, June 10, 2011

My Garden

There she is :o) 

I made grilled zucchini pizzas yesterday, complete with fresh basil! :o) 

Look, look!  A baby tomato!!!

Here are some of Lilo's roses.

View of the house from the lower part of the side yard.

Lily and Sam watching Momma water the garden.  I think that blur at the top is my finger... oops ;o) 


  1. Your garden looks great! I actually think the finger in it is artistic....it really is a neat picture.

  2. Love, love, love Lily's outfit! I agree with Maryah, it looks like photo documentary of the people and places of "the old country"! Love yous! - Cassie

  3. I love that outfit, too. Your mom got the dress for her, and now it's more of a tunic ;o)

    Upon further looking at that picture of them I realize that LJ is holding Piglet... who is one of Sam's favs these days. Figures. I turn my back for one second and Big-Sis-Thief swoops in! Sheesh!

  4. have been experiencing trouble posting- that computer illiterate thing i'm sure- so am going to try again...
    the garden does have a cool artsy feel to it and that tomato will likely taste the best of all the ones you have this year.
    think it's so cool you have all those beautiful roses to enjoy-
    and it goes without saying but you know me, have to say it anyway- the bestest, most bee-u-tee-fullest blossoms of all the ones in your *garden* are the two little ones watching momma!
    loving you guys much

  5. Hey very nice garden. Who said you didn't have a green thumb. (shsh! Don't mention the love plant.)

    Love ya & Miss ya

  6. MIL: you can tell me as often as you want how cute those "blossoms" are... it's helpful to remember they're cute cause gosh they're a lot of work! ;o)

    Dad: Thanks! Though, they came pretty much looking like that! ;o) But hopefully they won't suffer the same fate as the love plant! Oh poor love plant... RIP.